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    Gizz Guest

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    .... without paying for SA-Upload?<BR>I want to allow users to upload pictures to my server. Whats the easiest way of doing it? Without Perl, or paying for a 3rd party plugin?

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    xav Guest

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    If you have IIS4+ you can use MIcrosoft posting acceptor. It&#039s pretty simple if you don&#039t follow the documentation...<BR><BR>take a look at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>It&#039s help about input file, it also gives you a piece of code usable with posting acceptor that works.

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    Les McKenna Guest

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    Yes, the Posting Acceptor works very well. However I&#039m having problems storing the data about the uploaded file to a database; namely the file extension, so that I can reference it with a link later on.<BR>Any ideas?

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    Q Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I read your response on the post acceptor working fine, but somehow when I try it, the page works, but I dont know where the file is going, and I cannot access the "repost.asp" page that is supposed to show the stats of the file that was uploaded. Any clues? Following is the code that I am using.<BR><BR>&#060;FORM NAME="oForm"<BR> ACTION="/scripts/cpshost.dll?PUBLISH?/scripts/repost.asp"<BR> ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"<BR> METHOD="post"><BR> &#060;INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="oFile1"><BR> &#060;INPUT TYPE="text"<BR> NAME="TargetURL"<BR> VALUE="/users/"><BR> &#060;INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Upload File"><BR> &#060;/FORM>

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    xav Guest

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    i used a hidden field to specified a path on my server, cause i need user to upload the file at one particular place.<BR><BR>To access the repost.asp, you need to go to the root of your site and look for the /script directory. If you use NT server it might be in the Inetpub directory.<BR><BR>If you find a way to customize the repost.asp file tell me cause i was able to include only html to this file, all other stuff get me a really weird message.<BR><BR>I feel like if your need is really basic that&#039s ok otherwise it&#039s a P.I.T.A. <BR><BR>have fun.<BR><BR>FORM NAME="oForm"<BR>ACTION="/scripts/cpshost.dll?PUBLISH?/scripts/repost.asp"<BR>ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"<BR>METHOD="post"><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="oFile1" size="50"><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="hidden"<BR>NAME="TargetURL"<BR>VALUE="/upload"><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Upload File Now!"><BR>&#060;/FORM>

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