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    dmitri Guest

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    I have an Access Database working with my web-site, but i want to change to SQL. And i just dont know what to start with. Can somebody tell me how to do this. All i need is to convert all the data from my Access DB to SQL and change some code. The convertion is the trickiest part and i dont know how to do that. Please, help.

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    BAM Guest

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    Run your Access db through the SQL upsize wizard and do a little clean up afterwards. Make sure all of your tables have primary keys set first or you will have to pick the keys as it converts each table.

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    NPKumar Guest

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    Use DTS in SqlServer.Follow the folloowing steps:<BR>1.Create New Database on Sqlserver.<BR>2.Ridght click that database <BR>3.You will find AllTasks-&#062;RightClick-&#062;Import data .<BR>It will ask source and destination.<BR>U can do the remaining things.<BR>If You have any doubts pls mail at<BR>

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