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    I&#039;ve been confused about this for some time now. What I&#039;m trying to do is to insert values into a database(works like a charm), and to read in those values to my page. This is where the problem pops up. Nothing at all is displayed on my page even though it works if I try a different databse. So I decided to test around a little and I discovered that if I replace the value in a column, lets assume it says "3" with the same value, "3", everything works as it should but only for that column. The same thing also happens if I make a, say "space" and then a "backspace", leaving the text untouched.<BR>Is there some way to get access to know that there in fact are some values in the columns?

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    Lets see some code... How are you inserting the values into the database, and how are you retrieving those values from the database?<BR><BR>Are you trying to insert values and read those values in the same page? What do your SQL commands look like???<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>-- Whol

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