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    Hi,<BR>I just saw,<BR>Its a wonderfull site.<BR><BR>You upload your image with whatever size it may be.Then it will display the image back to you in the different sizes(resolutions) without distortion.That means they are chaning the length/breadth of image based on its "Aspect ratio" to fit the area which has been allocated in the page.Hence the image is not distored, what ever may be the size of the image.<BR><BR>Does any body know , how it is done.<BR>Is it possible with asp.<BR>Does we need to use any technolgy like Flash etc?<BR>Cheers,<BR>Raghu

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    Just find out the image size (see<BR>Work out the aspect ratio i.e height/width, then place the image on the page with the height & width set to whatever but with the aspect ration maintained.

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