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    Ashish Mishra Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I have an image on my form which takes the user back to the previous form. On the click event of this image I want to display a messagebox asking the user if he wants to save the changes he has made. This can be done if I dont give a href link to it, and then in the click event I specify it.But then when the mouse moves over the image the cursor doesnt change. Now if I specify the href link in html tags, then the click event is called, within which I am calling another event, now this event is also called, I am checking all the mandatory fields in this event and if every thing is alright, I want to save it to the database, but if there is any error I want to stop the submission.This doesnt happen and the form gets submitted.<BR>Can anybody give a work around.<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Without seeing your code it&#039s difficult to know for sure what exactly you&#039re trying to do, but if you set the href of the link equal to a pound sign (i.e. href="#") the image will behave like a link and your onclick events will still fire when you click the image.<BR><BR>HTH -<BR><BR>Joel

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    Ashish Mishra Guest

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    I could solve the problem by defining the cursor style = hand.<BR>Thanks

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