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    seeneth Guest

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    HELP URGENT!! My scripts were working fine on Windows NT 4 but I thought of trying them out on the Win2000 Server machine. For eg, I have 2 files, a default.asp and a login.asp. The first file is where you key in the username and password and this file works fine. So in login.asp it is supposed to do the necessary and let you move on to the other options but there is always an error message which looks like this <BR>Error Type:<BR>(0x800401F9)<BR>Error in the DLL <BR>/login.asp, line 23<BR><BR>I have tried everything that I know but nothing seems to be working.<BR><BR>Anyone please help!!!

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default What is line 23 ? <eop>


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    seeneth Guest

    Default RE: What is line 23 ? <eop>

    line 23 is just objConn.Open<BR><BR>Actually this script works fine in Win NT Server as I said before but I just don&#039;t understand why it doesn&#039;t work in Win2000

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