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    OK, I am at a bit of a loose end here, and I&#039;ve started wondering if there would be any performance difference between the two Sql statements below. One which explicitly states TableName.FieldName and one that doesn&#039;t. Iknow that both work perfectly well, but as the first format id longer, is it going to take longer (even if only a tiny amount) for my page to be processed? Or will the first way be processed quicker by the database (this seems to be the format that Access generates queries in)? I know that this is probably not going to make much difference to the speed of my pages, but I was just interested to know.<BR><BR>Any comments welcomed (even if just to tell me to get a life and not worry about such small details)<BR><BR>SELECT MyTable.MyId, MyTable.MyText FROM MyTable ORDER BY MyTable.MyText<BR><BR>SELECT MyId, MyText FROM MyTable ORDER BY MyText;<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Lurker<BR>

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    Well, in theory it must be slightly slower to use a longer command, simply because there&#039;s more to parse. However, the difference will probably be so small as to be unmeasurable (unless you&#039;re counting actual clock cycles), never mind insignificant.<BR><BR>Dunc

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