Dim objFileSystemObject, objFolderObject, objFiles, objFile <BR><BR>Set objFileSystemObject = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR>Set objFolder = objFileSystemObject.GetFolder("c:upload\") <BR><BR>Set objFiles = objFolder.Files <BR><BR>For Each objFile in objFiles <BR>strPath = objFile.Path <BR>strName = objFile.Name <BR>Response.Write("File: " & strName & " Path: " & strPath & "<BR>" ) <BR>Next <BR><BR>Set objFiles = Nothing <BR>Set objFolder = Nothing <BR>Set objFileSystemObject = Nothing <BR><BR>Sorry guys i guess i could&#039;ve been a little bit more specific. Ok, now! This example list all the file name and the full path of each file inside of the c:upload folder. Lets just say that it has 4 files. Now is it posible that i can assign four different variables to the path of the four files? I mean, each file&#039;s path will have it&#039;s own variable. Why I&#039;m doing this? Well, i am using aspsmartupload component to upload the files to c:upload. I am using aspemail component to attach the files in the c:upload with the email. Because i will never know what the users have upload to c:upload folder, the only way that i can think of to attach all the files that the user have uploaded the c:upload is to assign variable to each file&#039;s path and use these variable inside my aspemail. Am I making sense?