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    I read the article on Disable Back Button. i wanted to know<BR>is there any other new ways found like, can I use Browsers Object model to disable back button. Is there any such property.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    no. that&#039;s why the article was written there isn&#039;t a way

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    Default You CAN Disable the Back Button

    If you use the location.replace function, it will remove the current document from the browser&#039;s history and replace it with the new page.<BR><BR>If you need to pass parameters, you can include them in the url. If you need to hide those parameters from the user, use the location.replace function to call and ASP script that will write the variables into a form and then issue a formname.submit() command to post the variables to your ultimate destination.<BR><BR>If you are in a frame, use top.location.replace(url).

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