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    My database is 7MB! is there anything i can do to make it smaller? I have lots of tables and very little data so far, why is it so big?<BR><BR>How large are the ones you work with? Plus uploading will be a killer? 28.8K modem<BR>

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    Default Tarrot reading again.... card says it doesnt have any "CLUE" why "YOUR" database is big, it is suggesting may be its not *normalized*, how can we tell why ur database is so big, come on man.

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    Adrian Guest

    Default RE: Tarrot reading again....

    where can i read more about this normalized stuff?

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    Default Here's my version.<BR><BR>There are many other good articles on this very subject &#039;all over&#039; the web.<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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    Default If the database is Access ...

    Then you probably need to run a repair and compact on it to free up all the unused space. Go to the Tools Menu and you will find them under Database Utilities.

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