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    Default Display radio button dot from data

    Can anyone help returning the dot in the radio button.<BR><BR>I have a data edit form which contains some radio buttons. Data is passed (yes, no, not selected) to a 1)database, 2)CDONTS and a 3)response page, via an arrays. How do i code the editing or send form to show the dot if someone wants to go back from the response page and edit the form with what should be their radio populated fields.

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    You have to do &#060;INPUT Type=Radio .... CHECKED ... &#062; for the one button that you want to be pre-checked. Simple as that.<BR><BR>Typically, you&#039;ll do it by &#060;% If theValueForThisRadioButton = RS("theValueStored") Then Response.Write " CHECKED " %&#062; or some sort of equivalent code.<BR><BR>

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    Tom Martell Guest

    Default Thanks Bill

    Thanks Bill. Your assistance is appreciated, by me, and a bunch of folks.

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