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    have access database trying to insert info into. Keep getting error: Too few parameters. Expected 2. I have two stored procedures- CheckOwnerProc which requires 2 parameters(verifies username & password)then the second, InsertPropProc, inserts 36 parameters into the CheckownerProc recordset. I have made sure number of parameters are equal in InsertPropProc. I believe I am recieving this error because I cannot call the CheckOwnerProc which requires 2 parameters through the InsertPropProc. Is this true? Is there a way to pass parameters to a procedure that is called from another procedure. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Here is shorten version of code: CHECKOWNERPROC SELECT OwnerInfo.UserName, OwnerInfo.UserPassword,... FROM OwnerInfo LEFT JOIN PropRecordset ON OwnerInfo.PropertyID = PropRecordset.PropertyID WHERE OwnerInfo.UserName = [(@UserName)] AND OwnerInfo.UserPassword = [(@UserPassword)]; INSERTPROPPROC INSERT INTO CheckOwnerProc ( PropertyAddress, City, State, ... ) SELECT [@PropertyAddress], [@City], [@State], [@ZipCode], ...
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    often means you've spelled a field name or two wrong. I can't tell which ones from here

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