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    I created a dictionary with items in the server side code and I need to access the items in a client side vbscript function, but I cannot reference the object it states the object is undefined. Can some one give me idea how to access the server side dictionary objects items from client side vbscript.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default No, fundamentals of client-server...

    Until and unless you are willing to learn how DCOM or CORBA or Java RMI works--and all of those are roughly the same level of difficulty and about 3 or 4 times more complicated than ASP--you CANNOT ACCESS OBJECTS CREATED ON ONE COMPUTER FROM ANOTHER COMPUTER.<BR><BR>Look, an object is *actually* simply a chunk of memory. You create a chunk of memory in the server computer in Georgetown, Barbados. You put some data into the object.<BR><BR>Now the client computer in Bangor, Maine, wants to get that data. *HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO "REACH INSIDE" the server computer to get that chunk of memory?????<BR><BR>The answer: It can&#039;t do it! Or at least not directly. And the indirect methods of doing so--DCOM, CORBA, RMI--are all pretty complex and basically involve building "proxies" of the object on the client machine and then creating a "connection" between the proxy and the object and and and and...<BR><BR>By comparison, ASP is *dirt simple*.<BR><BR>The *ONLY THING* that ASP code can send from server to client is TEXT!!!! Specifically, HTML text. <BR><BR>Period.<BR><BR>End of statement. <BR><BR>Text only.<BR><BR>So the only way to get data *out* of an object on the server and *into* an object on the client is to use ASP scripting to get all the server object data, convert it to HTML text, send the HTML text to the client, and *hope* that you created the text in such a way that the browser can turn it into scripting code that will run inside the browser.<BR><BR>So just repeat that mantra 10 times a day: ASP can only send HTML text. ASP can only send HTML text. ASP can only send HTML text. ASP can only send HTML text. ASP can only send HTML text. ASP can only send HTML text. ASP can only send HTML text. ...<BR><BR>Hokay?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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