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    Does anyone have a comment on the use of the canned project web sites built using the Microsoft 60 Minute Intranet Kit? I have dabbled with the kit and the resulting sites look like they have a lot of the functionality that I would like to build for some clients, and I don&#039;t have a ready answer for a client coming back to me and saying "What do I need you for?" These pages don&#039;t quite work as advertised and need substantial customization, and they look like they are created to demonstrate everything technically possible you can do with Microsoft Office web authoring tools; hence they are largely incomprehensible to me to tailor and support. I am reasonably comfortable with standard ASP programming using FrontPage, HTML, VBScript, client Javascript and ActiveX controls which I know how to build. <BR><BR>Any comments on the use of such kit-built sites? Am I just ignorant of yet another wave of new technology I have to learn or am I correct that these sites are far more complicated than they need to be.<BR><BR>Any insight greatly appreciated.<BR>

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    My answer would be in the name of the product. You can&#039;t possibly but together a good-looking, robust site in 60 minutes... Plus I would assume it probably adds tons of unwanted code to it - which would require a lot of clean up.<BR>

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