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    Default displaying asp code

    hi <BR>I want to display some aspcode on a site <BR>but of course if i do &#060;%response.write "hello world" %&#062; then it comes out in the browser as hello world <BR>how can i get iis top ignore the asp tags ?<BR>is there an easy way of doing this ?<BR>i know to display html you can just surround the html you want to show with &#060;paintext&#062; tags<BR>thanks ;)<BR>thanks

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    Default Try this...

    &#060;% Response.Write "&#060;%response.write "Hello World" %&#062;"%&#062;

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    Default Replace

    Replace the value coming out of the database first:<BR><BR> sVal = Replace(sVal,"&#060;%","%&lt;")<BR><BR> Do this with other script tags as well<BR> sVal = Replace(sVal,"&#060;SCRIPT","&lt;SCRIPT")

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    Default typo

    sVal = Replace(sVal,"&#060;%","&lt;%")

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