Does anyone know the answer to the following problem.<BR><BR>I have a transactional asp page that executed several stored procedures to insert data into several different tables. I found an error that I inadvertently created. In one of the parameters I created, I defined the size of a parameter wrong. It is of type VarChar that I defined the size at 25 when it should have been 100. The funny things is, when it was defined wrong, it still executed even when the size of the value passed to it was less than 25. Sometimes it didn&#039;t execute even though the value passed to the parameter was less than the ill-defined size I had set it to. Either way, why didn&#039;t the transaction abort? Would this programmer(me) created bug also cause the transactional page to submit 3 times? This happened on one occasion out of some 24 different transaction. <BR><BR>Your valuable input would sure help clear my curiosity.<BR>