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    Okay, our site gets around 25,000 hits per day, and we *were* going to use Access for our database. However, realizing that it might not work (I dont think Access is that great), we may decide to use SQL Server 7.<BR><BR>I already have all the code written for Access. How easy is this to change over? Can I still use ADO? What&#039;s the difference between the SQL? Do I need to change my code at all? Also, how do I create an SQL database? Thanks.

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    You should get lots of great responses for this one! 25,000 hits on an Access db is not good. You&#039;ll either see major slow downs or having it lock up completely. SQL is made just for this. It&#039;s not too hard to upsize a db. You can run it through the upsizing wizard and that will do most of it for you. But you will have to do some minor clean up. For one - AutoNumber fields get mixed up. You will have to go back and set them to &#039;int&#039; types with an indentity value (basically the same as autonumber). If you don&#039;t have primary keys set on your tables it&#039;s goint to ask you for one for each table that doesn&#039;t have one. You can still use your ADO code with maybe some minor changes but not many. The difference between SQL and Access is that really SQL is designed for enterprise type applications - it&#039;s must more powerful with stored procedures (basically packets of sql statements) and triggers. Upsizing will get you going but you&#039;ll probably want to buy a book and read up because there&#039;s lots more SQL can do. Hope this helps!!

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