Hello,<BR>My application consists of basically 3 pages. Page1.asp asks the user to enter their organization. This takes them to page2.asp which produces a database display of their organizational records. They then can Change or Delete a selected record which takes them to Page 3.asp. I wish to take them back to Page2.asp so that they can continue to select records for changing or deleting, however, whenever I get there, the data is gone and requires them to reenter their organizational data and repeat the entire process.<BR>I&#039ve taken them back to Page1.asp and check to see if they came from Page3.asp (Changing & Deleting), and then do a Response.redirect to Page2.asp passing the Organizational data I passed from Page3.asp. I know it sounds confusing, but it really isn&#039t.<BR>My problem is that even though I have all the "ingredients" I need to display the table, I don&#039t know how to "resubmit" the form (Page2.asp) and not require the user to reenter data.<BR><BR>If this makes sense - can someone please tell me how to give the impression that the table is still there and that the user can select the next records for modifying. Oh, one other thing--the table being displayed is a Frontpage Data Results Wizard generated table so I really have no ADODB control.<BR>Thanks in advance for your help.