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    Billy McClure Guest

    Default Saving The Format Of A Form

    I want to save the format of the text that a person types into my message board, but I have no idea how. The Returns a person enters do not exsist after my code processes it and puts it in the database. Please help! I am using a simply <textarea> form and a Memo field for my database.

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    RDM Guest

    Default Check this out...

    "Convert SQL Server nText to HTML" article on the front page of Download the function.

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    Default Your Problem can be easily Solved!

    Response.Write Replace(Database("YourField"), vbCrLf, "<BR>")<BR><BR>This takes your fields, searches for the vbCrLf(break) and replaces it with a <BR>. The HTML doesn&#039;t process vbCrLfs.

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