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    Hi, anyone help with this...?<BR><BR>I have a form which on submit (POST) goes to a process.asp page. This page uses the flag returned to determine which next process is required, using a Select Case statement.<BR><BR>Select Case Flag<BR><BR>Case "Add"<BR>... include a file..<BR>Case "Delete"<BR>... redirect to...<BR>Case "Complete"<BR><BR>etc<BR><BR>On case &#039;Complete&#039; i wish to close down the current window (the window is lauched from another window), leaving the original open!<BR><BR>Enought waffling.... i know i can use window.close in JScript, but can i call this in the instance of using it within VBScript.... or is there another way of doing this?<BR><BR>Any help appreciated!

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    javascript.<BR><BR><BR><BR>popup window primer article.<BR><BR>basically use the popup window name to close the window.<BR><BR>

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