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    Al Bear Guest

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    I have a problem with my date formats. the database hold the dates in an american format which is fine. but then whne I come to add the date to the system they are in a u.k format. is there a way to state which format the dates shouild be submited by..

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    NPKumar Guest

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    Use cdate() function.

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    Al Bear Guest

    Default Dosn't work....

    The funtion dosn't workk?????

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    CousinIT Guest

    Default RE: Date problem

    USDate = "12/28/2000"<BR>engDate = day(USDate) & "/" & month(USDate) & "/" & year(USDate)

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    CousinIT Guest

    Default PS Cdate does work

    &#060;%mydate = "12/31/2000"<BR>Response.Write mydate & "<BR>"<BR>Response.Write cdate(mydate) & "<BR>"%&#062;<BR>

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    Culture Guest

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    Make sure your webserver is using the same default locales for is system date - otherwise you will have no end of trouble....

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