Dbase connection in Global.asa?

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Thread: Dbase connection in Global.asa?

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    SteveW Guest

    Default Dbase connection in Global.asa?

    Is it best practice to build a database connection variable in global.asa and then call it when needed on the page?<BR><BR>I have a site that has database connection in an include file. <BR><BR>Is it worth changing over?

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    Well about db connections there is a common perception that create them as late as possible and destroy them as early as possible,so its very bad practise to open db connection in globala.asa!

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    Culture Guest

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    I concur with what has been said before - but if you are simply putting all the variables in the global asa (ie the connection string) and not activating it until in the page, then i can&#039;t see any problem.<BR>Major pain though :)<BR><BR>use includes :)

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    I completely disagree - keeping the connection string in an Application variable is a really good idea, much better than using an include. Defining page-global variables in include files is a recipie for maintenence headaches - 6 months down the line you can&#039;t remember what variables are defined or where...<BR><BR>Dunc

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