I need some help on MS Index Server, and i was wondering if you could help me out. I have been using the sample provided by the option pack located in /IISSAMPLES/ISSAMPLES/Default.htm.<BR>but I am having a problem with the ASP sample.<BR>You see id you do not enter a query and just press "GO" then you get<BR><BR>CreateRecordset error &#039c0004002&#039 <BR>The Query property was not set. <BR>/IISSAMPLES/ISSAMPLES/query.asp, line 121 <BR><BR>And if you enter only "ignored words" such as "am, I, and" then you&#039ll get<BR><BR>CreateRecordset error &#039 80041605&#039 <BR>The query contained only ignored words. <BR>/IISSAMPLES/ISSAMPLES/query.asp, line 121 <BR><BR>or<BR><BR>CreateRecordset error &#039 8004166a&#039 <BR>Expecting phrase. <BR>/IISSAMPLES/ISSAMPLES/query.asp, line 121 <BR><BR>But not a nice litle message that indicates theese errors. <BR>I have been trying to eliminate this but without any luck.<BR>So my question to you is have you used index server with ASP, <BR>and if so do you have an alternative sample, or if you have encountered this problem your self, how did you solve it ?<BR><BR>Thanks for alot<BR><BR>ALLI<BR>Iceland<BR><BR>