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    We have a web site running using MS Access as a backend DB. From time to time, we get an error from Access ODBC "Too many client tasks." Our site is quite popular so this may be indeed due to the number of concurrent users (often 50-100). The main issue with this error is that once it occurs, the only fix that seems to work is re-starting the server (i.e. the problem doesn&#039;t go away when users do; this error in effect locks the database indefinitely, until IIS server is re-started).<BR><BR>1. Does anyone know the real cause of this problem?<BR><BR>2. Is there an upper limit on concurrent connections to Access?<BR><BR>3. Can one fix this error without re-starting the server?<BR><BR>3. How much would migrating to SQL Server help here? Is SQL Server performance really that much better?<BR><BR>Any input would be greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Boris<BR><BR><BR>

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    SQL Server performance is a LOT better - You should get off Access and onto SQL ASAP. basically you&#039;ve outgrown your backend.<BR><BR>btw I know you cross-posted in the DB forum. the fact that it realtes to more than one forum is no excuse. I may have a question about opening a database from JScript in ASP on an IIS server, and how well it performs. This *doesn&#039;t* mean i can post in five forums and get away with it. think.<BR><BR>j

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