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    kishore Guest

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    Hi,<BR> I wanted install stand alone PWS in my machine for that I have installed Win98 in my machine and then I tried to install PWS but Setup program gives error saying TCP/IP is not installed. I don’t have network card in my machine.<BR> So that I have added TCP/IP using control panel/ network and have given some IP address but still then I get same error, “ Setup as detected TCP/IP is not installed some of components can’t be installed “<BR> I don’t know what do………………<BR> Kishore<BR>

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    Ronald Guest

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    I guess you answered the question yourself.<BR>I think if you want to find your localhost ( for PWS, you still need a networkcard in order to get this IP.

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    kishore Guest

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    No, It is not must You need a network card.I have installed PWS in a stand alone machine previously, but this time it is giving me error.

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    Try removing the TCP/IP protocol components, and then reinstalling them. This may well fix your problem.

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