I am trying to validate the identity of a user when they submit a form.<BR><BR>Using Windows Integrated Security the identity of the used is stored in the LOGON_USER and AUTH_USER server variables at the start of the session. When the user submits a form latter in the session they need to validate their identity.<BR><BR>I would like to call a 401 error (using either Basic or WI Security) that displays a username and password dialog box.<BR>Response.Buffer=True<BR>Response.Status = "401 Unauthorized"<BR><BR>When this page is called, the dialog box is displayed 3 times. If the username and password is entered correctly on the third time then the page opens else the 401 Unauthorized error page is displayed.<BR><BR>Why does the dialog box appear 3 times?<BR>Is there a fix for this?<BR>Is there another way to ask a user for their NT password?<BR><BR>My current system:<BR>Server: IIS5 on W2KS on W2K domain. <BR>Workstation: IE5.5SP1 on W2KPSP1 on same W2K domain.<BR>