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    Rupali Guest

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    Hi,<BR> I want to redirect to an asp page from another one.The page to which i want to redirect consists of a sql query which has a request.form parameter.<BR>like "select * from mytable where id="+request.form("id")<BR>so ,when it redirected to this page,it does not get the request.form("id") and gets an error.I don&#039t want to use session.Is there any way to avoid this.<BR> please,can anyone help me.Thanx in advance.<BR>

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    Ashish Mishra Guest

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    You can populate the form values into an array and then pass the array to the redirected form, there you can get the values that you require, ofcourse its a cumbersome process, but its the only work around way that I know of.Why not use session variable, is there any constraint??

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    Vivek Aggrawal Guest

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    Hi<BR><BR>Use This for redirect<BR>Response.redirect("abc.asp?id="&IdValu e)<BR> <BR>Follow the following procedure for the Next Page:<BR>"select * from mytable where id="+ request("id")<BR><BR>Note:UseRequest("name of form element")<BR><BR>vivek

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