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    My company is thinking of moving away from all ASP web development and move all applications to Citrix Thin Client for all of our internal users on our INTRANET. None of these applications are currently used on the INTERNET, and there are no plans on making them available there either. Most of these applications would be written in Visual Basic. Now this is not really an ASP question but I know there is a lot of very intelligent people here that would be able to give me some help. I need to know a bit what the downside of using Citrix thin client vs ASP web development is. Citrix is saying that this is the future of computing and that all applications (ex. Word, Excel and accounting software etc.) are to run on the server over thin client instead of on the local desktop, giving the users dummy terminals and less technical work for the IS desktop support team. I know that the browser is a (the best) thin client, but Citrix is saying that their applications can run in a browser as well. I am desperately trying to convince the company to stay with web development and integrate into .NET technology instead, but I&#039;m running out of arguments. Please give me some concrete arguments to why this whole Citrix idea is not such a great solution after all. I have complained about the extreme load that it would put on the servers, but they are willing to spend tons and tons of money to buy multiple super fast servers with load balancing and money doesn&#039;t seem to be a problem all of a sudden. I don&#039;t want to have to start writing VB apps again. Citrix has some form of a contract with Microsoft, to run on top of Microsoft&#039;s thin client software in Windows 2000 providing extra features and functionality. Please help me with pros and cons or direct me to a source that is comparing Citrix thin client vs ASP or .NET web development. I tried running MS Word over the internet from Citrix website and it was unfortunately working really good and it was really fast, so that argument is already gone. Hope for help, and thank you guys for an excellent site. <BR><BR>Tobias.

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    The only real problems we have had in the NT version is that everyone had to login with the same NT ID meaning that you always had to select a printer to print - but this has been fixed in the WIN2k version.<BR>Your only real hope is saving to users local drives is not possible (I think!) or that every application that you write and deploy, must run together - this will not be a problem initialy but may cause problems as apps develop on seperate paths that used common components in the past. e.g. different versions of OCX controls 3rd party dll&#039;s etc.<BR>Any intranet/internet applications that your company may want to use should not be used over citrix as it uses screen scrapping technology - passing partial screen refreshes over the network. This will be expensive in any graphics intesive application.<BR>This is my input - not all may be true - as products change but it may give you some avenues to investigate.<BR>However Citrix is good. It works fine for VB Client/Server applications, generally runs faster and helps in deployment. The biggest mistake I see your company making is in believing that one solution will fit all their requirements. In reality a balance between these technologies is what serves a company best. A Balance can stop the old square peg round hole problem.<BR><BR>Best of British<BR><BR>Andy

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