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    Dominik Moreitz Guest

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    Hi all!<BR><BR>Quick question, I am developing an ecommerce site, I have to post (via a HTML form) some information to a CFM (cold fusion file). The CFM contacts the payment gateway (the CFM is supplied by those people), and returns a string of information. Is there any way I could write an ASP script to capture the information that is returned by the payment gateway? Sure, I can create a form and post information (&#039post&#039, not &#039get&#039), but I do not know how I will capture the return string.<BR><BR>Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Feel free to also email me at any time at<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!!!!<BR>Dom.

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    Vikram Koneri Guest

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    Can the CFM (whatever) output string to a File ?<BR>In the ASP then you can write to a File the Data and the CFM file can read this file and get the string from payment gateway and write to a file which is read by your ASP page.<BR><BR>Prefered way would be to set up a Object which does the talking to the payment gateway which returns the string as a property.<BR><BR>CFM - Cold Fusion File - is this something todo with "Cold Fusion" application?<BR>

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    Dominik Moreitz Guest

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    Hi again,<BR><BR>Hhmm, the plot thickens :-)<BR><BR>Yep, it&#039s a coldfusion file (script), that runs on a Cold Fusion server. If have heard that the payment gateway returns a string straight to the originating web server, not the web server that the payment gateway sits on. Do you know of any way of capturing this string, CGI variables, anything?<BR><BR>As before, all help is greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dom.

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