Here&#039;s my situation...<BR>I have a table called "category" in which I store the category names for each entry from another table called "images".<BR>When I try to change the name of a specified category from "category" table the name is changed but it&#039;s not reflected in "images" table.<BR>I mean, the category has now the name changed but in the "images" table an entry which was from this category which was renamed still have the old name of the category (not the new one).In the category "images" I have a field called "catname" which is a combo box (and it displays the category name&#039;s).I have to change manually from the old name to the new<BR>one.<BR><BR>How can I make this change of a category name to be reflected<BR>automatically in that combo box for each entries from"images" table?(without having to change manually)<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Maybe the title it&#039;s not quite correct.<BR><BR>Mircea