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    For Each objFile in objFolder.files<BR> if files = "" then<BR> files = objFile.path<BR> strtype = objFile.type<BR> else<BR> files = files & chr(8) & objFile.path<BR> strtype = strtype & chr(8) & objFile.type<BR> end if<BR> Next<BR>strtype = split(strtype, chr(8))<BR>files = split(files , chr(8))<BR><BR>i sort files() using the jscript sort in one of the ASPFaq&#039;s, but i want the strtype array to be sorted to match up with the file correctly, any idea&#039;s on how i would accomplish this?

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    Default You missed the *other* ASPFAQ...<BR><BR>The JS solution is fine for one-dimensional arrays, but it kind of falls down when things get more complex.<BR><BR>

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