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    Looking for some help on the IIS Resource Kit component ASP2HTM. We have installed it ok but unable to get it working. Pass a URL to the object but nothing happens. Also tried the simple example provided in the contents, no file created, no errors, no response.<BR><BR>I have seen many people in this messageboard asking for help in this area, but no answers.<BR><BR>After you install the component from the kit, does it need to be compiled ?? Is so, how... Can you provide any working examples ??<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.

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    I have made it work. Check your directory permissions.<BR>Must have Read, Write for IUSR<BR><BR>Frank

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    Thanks for your reply Frank.<BR>Could not find a IUSR on our web server. Change permissions to read/execute on the directory where the ASP2HTM files reside, still no results...

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