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    I am completely at a loss here and hope someone can help.<BR><BR>I have a database table with date ranges startdate and enddate.<BR>I&#039;m try to find in which range a particular date falls.<BR>I am getting some very stange record returns.<BR><BR>mySql="Select * from tblpayperiods Where startdate&#060;= #" & date & "# AND enddate&#062;= #" & date & "#"<BR><BR>my table record has startdate = 1/1/2001 enddate = 1/6/2001 <BR>The date 1/1/01 returns nothing but 1/2/01 pulls the correct record however 1/3/01 pulls that record and another for the range 1/21/2001 - 2/3/2001.<BR>I simply can&#039;t follow what is happening here.<BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>If there is a better way to do this please let me know.<BR>Thanks<BR>HGardner<BR><BR><BR>

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    Never mind I figured it out! <BR>The databse fields were not set as date/time fields.

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