GLOBAL.ASA File, what is it!?

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Thread: GLOBAL.ASA File, what is it!?

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    Default GLOBAL.ASA File, what is it!?

    Could some one tell me what is exactly an Global.asa file and how can i get it to start... because it is initializing my DB connection and then putting it in the Application object... <BR><BR>if someone can help me,<BR><BR>please do it! <BR><BR>thx in advance<BR><BR>BTW : u can also email me at

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    RDM Guest

    Default IIS version of an ini file...Sort of

    It holds/defines Application and Session Variables for use by your visitors. The bigger question is why you are storing ADODB objects in Application/Session variables. This is a big performance "no no". Objects should be created, used, and destroyed as soon as possible. IIS manages connection and resource pooling for you. While contrary to client/server development, connections should be opened, acted upon, and closed for each database interaction in a web environment. If you don&#039;t believe that it&#039;s faster, test it and you&#039;ll be surprised. Especially in Win2k...

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    Default Reason why!

    This application was codes like 3 or 4 years ago, and i got to fix it, and i was wondering what could make a .ASA file to stop working.... would u have a clue!<BR><BR>Alain

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    macag Guest

    Default RE: GLOBAL.ASA File, what is it!?

    Contains the code that handles session start and end. (Session_OnStart, Session_onEnd)<BR>Used to set and controlglobal variablesand processingfor your ASP applications, at both the application and session levels.<BR><BR>Andrea (macag)<BR>

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    RDM Guest

    Default Restart IIS to start with...

    If you&#039;ve already done that, perhaps you could post the .asa and take out any security passwords and such. Maybe there is a bug in the code. Or you could email it to me at

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