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    Mark Campbell Guest

    Default Need an intelligent ASP!

    Here is my situation:<BR><BR>Standard form submits to data.asp, which processes fields, creates another form with original data in hidden fields, then auto-submits to a 3rd party CGI script to which I have no access. Then, If the user presses BACK button, data.asp just automatically re-submits them back to the CGI.<BR><BR>Is there a way to keep data.asp out of the history? OR<BR><BR>Is there some code I can put into my ASP to check some session related variable and display,"Please press your browser&#039s BACK button again to return to the Form."??

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    Vikram Koneri Guest

    Default Not much u can do

    This behaviour cant be helped since when u auto-submit the page is displayed in the browser and gets resubmitted. Provide your own Back Button or Hyperlink to take the user to the first page.<BR>The user is pressing Back Button simply since he (probably) has no way to goto your first page.<BR><BR>Let me know if u find an Intelligent way to do this.<BR><BR>

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