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    Martin Joy Guest

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    Hi, I have tried eveything, and I still have failed. I am trying to build a web page for people to custom configure there computer systems. Anyone do this before or can show me a page that talks about this? I need to populate the drop-down menu and the values(price) from my database.I have been able to populate the drop down menus, but can not display the values(price) as they configure.This would then be submitted to a form,added to our shopping system etc. <BR><BR>Here is an example<BR> <BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks<BR><BR>

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    Culture Guest

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    In short (as it looks like you know where you are going with this), javascript an on change function to total the values per drop down each time you change a drop down.<BR>So the same function will be on each &#060;select&#062;<BR><BR>Note for javascript it is:<BR>[form.<BR>select.selectedIndex].value<BR><BR>which is really annoying :)

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    I can give you a highlevel description, but this is all javascript, so this is probably the wrong forum to ask this question. Basically, while you are creating the drop down lists, make each option value equal to the price. While the name is still whatever name. Then on each class of drop downs you have (cpu,mem,etc) you need to call a javascript function (onchange) that will add all the selected drop down boxes and populate a input box at the bottom. That&#039;s about it from a high level.

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    Martin Joy Guest

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    Can this be done in asp instead of java script?

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    Martin Joy Guest

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    What I have been trying to do, is create one using my database. I have populated the drop down menu with the product name, then I set the value of label(product name) as the price.When I look at the source I see the option value(price)of the product The biggest thing I am having troble with is getting the asp page to show me the values of the selected product. Not sure if this makes any sense.

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