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    I'm creating a Wizard that consists of 10 pages with Next and Previous buttons. Right now I'm submitting all forms to themselves and dynamically re-creating the action for the form so If the user hits 'previous', I can POST everything to the right page. The problem is that it's slow and just looks sloppy to see the screen reappear and THEN change after you hit Next or Previous. Is there a more gracefull way of doing this?

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    With regards designing a wizard.<BR><BR>Why not use a main confirm.asp.<BR><BR>When a user hits previous/next send each form here and then onwards with a Response.Redirect.<BR><BR>Within the confirm.asp you could build up a number of session variables to hold a users input or use a data dictionary object.<BR><BR>At this point you could determine from where the user has come and too where he is going. By setting a predefined value in each page.<BR><BR>On the completeion of the wizard have a submit.asp which writes all data to the database.

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