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    I&#039;m trying to build a site that has a small user-login dialogue in<BR>the menue.<BR>Everytime a user logs in (or registers as a new member) a cookie should be<BR>created on the user computer.<BR>So if the user returns to the site he is automatically logged in and<BR>instead of the log in dialogue a picture is displayed (user specific like<BR>some other things).<BR>The username, password, UserID and a few other user-specific information<BR>should be stored in the cookie, as well as in a Access Database (in case the<BR>cookie is deleted or cookies aren&#039;t enabled on the user-pc).<BR>This is in words what it should do:<BR><BR><BR>IF cookie found<BR> get username from cookie and compare with database<BR> get password from cookie and compare with database<BR> IF username and password correct<BR> get user preferences from cookie<BR> IF userprefernces not in cookie get from database<BR>(and store in cookie)<BR> display user-specific picture instead of login dialogue<BR> ELSE (username and/or password not correct or empty) display<BR>login dialogue<BR>ELSE<BR> show login dialogue<BR> IF entered username and password correct<BR> get userpreferences<BR> write new cookie<BR> ELSE go to error_page<BR><BR>I would really appreciate any kind of help.<BR>I&#039;m useing Dreamweaver UltraDev to create this page (ASP, JavaScript).<BR>If you want I can post the code I have so far (but I get errors running it.<BR>Don&#039;t know why?)<BR>This is soo frustrating since I have everything else for this website<BR>finished and only this is missing!<BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>cool°<BR>Variable<BR><BR><BR>

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    Code would be handy :)

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