Reading CPU numbers with ASP ????

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Thread: Reading CPU numbers with ASP ????

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    Nilesh S. Guest

    Default Reading CPU numbers with ASP ????

    Hi all,<BR>I&#039;m working on a project in which I require to read the CPU numbers of the machines. Can anyone please help me out and suggest how can we do it with an ASP code ???<BR><BR>Thnx in advance !!<BR><BR>Regards <BR>Nilesh<BR>

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    Default SYSINFO control..

    Doesn&#039;t it depend upon what type of server & Operating system that you&#039;re using?<BR><BR>You may need a SYSINFO active-X control such as (

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    Nilesh S. Guest

    Default thnx

    thnx for the info !!:)

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