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    I'm using data shaping in my application and it works a treat but I tried to impose some conditions on my "Select" statement but it doesn't accept them - is there any way around this?

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    Show me the code baby, yeah.

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    SQLGenBet = "SHAPE {SELECT SubCatgID From staSubCatg}" & _<BR>"APPEND((SHAPE {Select EventClassID, EventClass From staEventClass} AS Class" & _<BR> "APPEND(Select EventTypeID, Name, Note From prcEventType} AS Type" & _<BR> "RELATE EventClassID TO EventClassID))" & _<BR>"RELATE SubCatgID TO SubCatgID)"<BR><BR><BR>I want to SELECT SubCatgID From staSubCatg where SubCatgID = 56<BR>but it doesn&#039;t seem to work!

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