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    Pepe Guest

    Default include (file) in ASP

    I am new at ASP, can I use an include () statement to call a page/file from another page? In PHP I use <?include ("file.htm");?>

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    FSKhan Guest

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    Yup u can this is the syntax !<BR>&#060;!--#Include File="Filename"--&#062;<BR><BR>don&#039;t forget to supply the file ext !!

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    Pepe Guest

    Default RE: include (file) in ASP

    Thanks, how come that I cannot use &#060;% %&#062; tags instead of &#060;!--<BR><BR>Thank you

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    Culture Guest

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    Interestingly because is not actually part of the asp.<BR>you have to do<BR>%&#062;&#060;!-- #include file="whatever"&#062; &#060;%<BR> (open and close the asp) <BR><BR>Which i have never really understood the reason for - someone at MS thought that was the way it should work so *shrug*

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    It is because the file is included b4 the page processed.

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