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    Hi all! I making a search engine for my website. I just want it to search in my entire sites. I use ASP for this search engine. My question is : How do I make it search for the meta tag in every .asp, .htm, and .html. Also I need the result page to display more than an normal file name link. Some thing like this: <BR>1. (Display the TITLE that contain the word that the user search for) <BR> (Display the DESCRIPTION of the .asp, .htm, and .html that contain the word that the user search) Make matching word BOLD too. <BR> (Display the URL of the site.) <BR> (Display the Page size: - Match: %) <BR> That all I ask...I hope you guys will help me. Thank a lot! <BR> <BR> John William

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    re-posting over and over won&#039;t help you know...<BR><BR>try looking on www.aspin.com and www.devdex.com<BR><BR><BR>j

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