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    Natlie Guest

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    Hello everybody..actually i'm new in asp.before this i was developing my site using asp 3.0 in windows nt and oracle server 7.0..but right now i have to change it to windows environment that's in windows 98..i know that when i change to this environment i need to create all the database info using ms access for the site to access the info..i've already done it..but how can i make sure when i'm going to present this project using windows 98,it will; work..means that..what is the connection i have to can started i have to use personal web server..or what's the other stepswhat i've now just the can i proceed??...can somebody help me..thanks a lot.....

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    FSKhan Guest

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    Well if u want to do ASP development on win 98 then u need to install PWS,if u have written ur ASP code already then just make a new DSN to connect to ur DB i hope it will help u!

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