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    Venkatesh Babu Guest

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    I would like to find out the last Day of the month ?<BR>In Sql is there any function to find out, if Yes what is that function, If No how to find out in sql ?<BR>

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    Asif Qazi Guest

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    U mean to say that u have a month say March 2001 and u want to find out that what was the day(Sat or sunday etc) on the last(31st in this case)date of that month.<BR>Is it like that ??

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    Venkatesh Babu Guest

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    Suppose you have March 2001, u should get the answer as 31st.

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    Ok! I was thinking that u r asking about the day name.<BR>U can do that by defining ur enumerated data type for the month at the application level or in sql by using a case for the month names u can find the last date, u can do that in stored procedure.<BR>Hope it will work.<BR>

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    Venkatesh Babu Guest

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    Can you please send me the code .<BR>vbabusk@yahoo.com<BR>

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