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    Does anyone have any idea on how to do something like this:<BR><BR>Suppose I read a text file on the server, retrieve some data and store it in an array. I want to be able to retrive the pointer to this array from within a plugin, which is embedded into the ASP page.<BR>In other words, I am creating an array on the server side and I want to access this array on the client side, from within a plugin which can only run Javascript.<BR><BR>The difficulty here is how to store the pointer from the server side code (which is created/executed before the page is loaded) in a client side variable (which is created when the page is in process of being loaded) which can be read by the plugin.<BR><BR>Any help/ideas would be appreciated!<BR><BR>A. S.

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    to send an array to the client-you need to Response.Write() it into the page. HTTP is stateless, meaning the server-side array would no longer exist by the time the page was viewed, so you need to transfer it WHOLE into client-side script. by Response.Writing it into client-side javascript.<BR><BR>j

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