I am facing problem with the data submitted by checkboxes. I have 8 checkboxes in the form. In which users can select whichever applies to them. In some cases they may select all. If they submit the data the checkboxes data will be stored in the databased separated by commas. In search page I have to use the same database to search for the entered keywords in the form. I want to query the database according to the keyword entered or selected by the user in the form. Now my problem is how do I query the database for the correct results. <BR>Here is an example. In my search page I have the following fields. Country name, Minimum Experience, Machine Ratings(8 checkboxes). The first two fields are fine. I am unable to query with the last one. If the user selects his appropriate ratings and enters his country & experience it should query the database and show the results according to the data he had entered in the form. Does any body know how to do it. I am using MS Access 2000 as my backend. <BR><BR>Thanks for your support.<BR><BR>Raghu