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    Default searching a data from database

    i am preparing a serch engine of a employee in which i have to put search in datagrid and albhabatically i have search acc to keypress....

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    I know English is not your native language, but unfortunately that last question did not make sense.<BR><BR>I *THINK* what you said is this:<BR><BR>"I want to put the results of a search into a datagrid [do you mean a Visual Interdev datagrid? or an ordinary HTML &#060;TABLE&#062;? or maybe even HTML &#060;SELECT&#062;?]."<BR><BR>"I want to set it up so that my user can search for a user by pressing a key [or multiple keys???] and the alphabetical list of users will [scroll? move? jump?] to the name that matches the keypress [or multiple keypresses?]."<BR><BR>Did you say that? Or did I read you all wrong?<BR><BR><BR>

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