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    Hi all. I have a form that directs it's action to the page the form is on. That way, they result of the form is visible to the user without them having to go to a new page. Code gets the form content and inserts it into the database, then the rest of the page queries the DB and displays the code. I need to delete the form content from the HTML header after the form's content is inserted into the DB so that if the page is reloaded, the form's results aren't inserted again. I just need to delete the form's contents from the HTML header. Is this possible?

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    Default Can't do it that way...

    ...but somewhere around here there is either an ASPFAQ or maybe a "4Guys" article about preventing resubmission of a page.<BR><BR>The simple answer: Use a Session variable value that says "already submitted" and don&#039;t allow the DB update/insert if the flag is already set.<BR><BR>But look around.<BR><BR>

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