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    I have 6 talbes and intApp_id is a primary key I want to delete<BR>where IntApp_Id =722<BR><BR>I use the sql statement but I am getting error <BR>DELETE Temp_Application.*, Temp_Architecture.*, Temp_Contacts.intContact_Id, Temp_Features.intFeatures_Id, Temp_Interfaces.intInterface_Id, Temp_Misc.intMisc_Id<BR>FROM (((((Temp_Application LEFT JOIN Temp_Architecture ON Temp_Application.intApp_Id = Temp_Architecture.intApp_Id) LEFT JOIN Temp_Contacts ON Temp_Application.intApp_Id = Temp_Contacts.intContact_Id) LEFT JOIN Temp_Features ON Temp_Application.intApp_Id = Temp_Features.intApp_Id) LEFT JOIN Temp_Interfaces ON Temp_Application.intApp_Id = Temp_Interfaces.intApp_Id) LEFT JOIN Temp_Misc ON Temp_Application.intApp_Id = Temp_Misc.intMisc_Id) LEFT JOIN Temp_Volumetrics ON Temp_Application.intApp_Id = Temp_Volumetrics.intVolumetrics_Id<BR>WHERE ((" Temp_Application.intApp_Id"=612) AND ("Temp_Architecture.intApp_Id"=612) AND (" Temp_Contacts.intContact_Id"=612) AND ("Temp_Features.intApp_Id"=612) AND ("Temp_Interfaces.intApp_Id"=612) AND ( "Temp_Misc.intMisc_Id"=612)<BR><BR><BR>please help

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    Default what error?

    it usually helps, you know....<BR><BR>j

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