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    Jay Seagrave Guest

    Default Netscape and sessions

    I just finished an entire section of a site, with navigation, authentication, etc based on session variables. It worked perfectly in explorer. I just tested it on NS 4.* and NS6, and it doesn't work in either browser. Does NS not support SVs? Should I use cookies instead...or??

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    Default Sessions are browser independent...

    ...but they *DO* depend upon cookies (see ASPFAQs). If you have cookies turned off, no session variables. Could *that* be the problem???<BR><BR>

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    Jay Seagrave Guest

    Default RE: Sessions are browser independent...

    Quite right [again] it turns out, I had turned off cookies in BOTH Netscapes. So now all I need is a script to detect whether cookies are turned on. i am sure that Q has been asked a million times, so...Off to the FAQ&#039;s!<BR><BR>(BTW - about that ridiculous lengthy SQL update from last time; I created another table [as should have been done in the first place] - and, lo and behold, it worked!) I must say - - this forum, and the people in it, are great.

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